Funded Session Rules

When you are trading Funded Session, you need to follow the Funded Session Rules (see below). If you break any of these rules, you are going to lose your account.

Acc.TypeAcc.SizeMax Contracts Daily Loss LimitMax Trailing Drawdown

*All accounts other than Mini Accounts.

All traders doing Funded Session need to control Max Position Size manually. You can learn about your Max Position Size in your LMI Trade Report. If you exceed your Max Position Size, you might lose your account.

Please note that:

1. You need to make at least 1 trade every 30 days from the last trade, otherwise your account will be closed due to inactivity.

2. If the account balance is lower than 2/3 of the Max Trailing Drawdown after 2 months from the day 2/3 of Max Trailing Drawdown was reached, the Funded Session account will be closed automatically and the Trader will get 1 free month of the Practice Session subscription.

3. Re-Qualifying