Prohibited Activities

At every stage of the LMI evaluation programmes and Funded sessions, there are certain actions that traders cannot engage in and others that they must inform LMI about. This ensures the consistency and trustworthiness of provided services and the authenticity of the simulated evaluation programmes environment.

Prohibited Activities are established to counteract gambling behaviors, avert rule bypass, and avoid obtaining unrealistic order fills. The LMI environment emulates live-market trading, and it wouldn't be in the traders' best interests if we provided opportunity to them to advance in a way that wouldn't prosper in a real-world scenario.

Market related:
  • Trading excessive or unrealistic number of contracts during trading session;
  • Engaging in any trading practices that encompass deleterious techniques, not excluding those resembling spoofing strategies;
  • Engaging in trades solely to fulfill trading day requirements;
  • Engaging, alone or in concert with other persons, in trades or combinations of trades while using the Site or Services with the purpose of manipulating, abusing, or giving the User an unfair advantage — for example, by partaking in any short-term or high-frequency trades or entering into opposite positions simultaneously. This includes actions between connected accounts or accounts held with different LMI parties.
  • Utilizing trading methods or strategies that target the exploitation or induction of discrepancies in the Services, such as inaccurate price displays or delayed refreshes;
  • In coordination with different parties, including among independent accounts and third parties, carrying out a similar trading strategies (i.e., undertaking identical trades in equivalent time intervals), inverse strategy, or other actions to amalgamate or hedge risk for the combined, separate accounts;
Technical related:
  • Utilizing tools that could negatively impact the functioning of the Site and Services or aim to exploit any flaws, glitches, or bugs within the Sites and Services;
  • Utilizing software, artificial intelligence, extreme speed, or large-scale data submission which may skew, exploit, or provide the User with an unequal advantage on the Site or Services;
Legal related:
  • Bypassing geographic availability restrictions or any other technical restrictions;
  • Conducting trades on behalf of third parties, including, but not limited to, sharing any incentives as part of any business arrangement; or
  • In the sole discretion of LMI, engaging in conduct that represents uncommercial activity, is intended to game the market, or is not otherwise a viable trading strategy;

LMI's Rules and Prohibited Activities denote actions that are impermissible within your LMI accounts. While Rules have a predetermined outcome when breached, Prohibited Activities is assessed on an individual case basis.

Potential restrictions taken in response to a violation of include:
Warning notification
Removal of the impacted trading day or days
A reset of your account to the initial state
Review of withdrawal requirements based on the Trader's performance
The permanent closure of your account or accounts with prohibition on using LMI services