How can I withdraw my profits?

The minimum withdrawal amount is 500 USD.

Brief Information:

  • During the first three calendar months (not necessarily consecutive): the minimum withdrawal request amount is $500, the maximum withdrawal request amount is $5,000.
  • After three calendar months (not necessarily consecutive), provided that at least 1 withdrawal was made in each month, the trader can request an increase in the maximum withdrawal amount.
  • Each withdrawal request requires 5 trading days.
  • On the first withdrawal request, the Max Trailing Drawdown becomes equal to $0 (initial account balance).

Withdrawal Conditions

Minimum Requirements:
For the first withdrawal request, you must have 5 trading days on the Funded session account.

Each subsequent withdrawal request can be sent after achieving another 5 trading days since the last withdrawal request on that account.

A trading day is a day when at least one trade was executed. The number of trading days can be found in the LMI Trade Report module under "Days Completed". The requirements and conditions to count a day as a trading day may be subject to change if the Trader conducts prohibited activities, and depending on minimum and maximum withdrawal limits. Engaging in trades solely to fulfill trading day requirements may constitute a violation of prohibited activities and lead to a review of withdrawal requirements, with a trading day being determined as a day when a day’s Net PNL is $200 or more.

During holidays, a trading day can encompass the results of two calendar days if trading is suspended (Halt), and clearing is done only at the close of the market the following day.

Minimum withdrawal request from the Funded session account: $500.
Maximum withdrawal request from the Funded session account (before increasing the maximum withdrawal request size): $5,000.

Withdrawal methods:
transfer to a bank account via SWIFT or SEPA (for IBAN accounts), PayPal.

Account Balance and Closure:
If the remaining balance of the account is less than $100 after a withdrawal request, the account will be closed. To keep the account open after withdrawal, the minimum remaining balance must be at least $100.

Increase of the Maximum Withdrawal Request Size:
If a trader makes withdrawals in any three calendar months (not necessarily consecutive), they get the opportunity to request an increase in the maximum withdrawal request size. A calendar month is considered the month during which a withdrawal request was created and completed.

Maximum Trailing Drawdown:
If the Maximum Trailing Drawdown is not equal to $0 (the initial balance of the account) and the trader makes the first withdrawal, then the Maximum Trailing Drawdown will become equal to $0 (the initial balance of the Funded account) and the remaining profit on the account will become the maximum loss limit the trader can incur.

Withdrawal Procedure

First Request: Before sending a request, please ensure that your account has 5 trading days before submitting a withdrawal request, or else your application will be rejected due to the absence of 5 trading days.

Subsequent Requests: Before submitting a request, please ensure that since the last fulfilled withdrawal request, an additional 5 trading days have been traded on your account.

Submitting the Request:
You can request a withdrawal by sending a request specifying the account number (e.g., F123456) and withdrawal amount to the email After sending the request, you will receive a notification with the withdrawal date when the requested amount will be deducted from your current trading account balance.