Tradeout by time order

What function is this all about?

Tradeout by time allows you to flatten your market positions for any traded symbol at a certain time even if you don't have your trading terminal running.

Please remember that this order type is a one-off order type. When it is activated at the time you have set, it closes all open positions for the symbol it has been activated for.

How do I use the tradeout by time order?

To use tradeout by time go to Order Window, right-click and choose tradeout by time.

Then you will see the setting window.

You will see the current date automatically inserted on the left and the flatten time on the right. Please note that every symbol you trade has its own terminal time, so make sure you know the exact trade out time for your specific symbol before you set it. 

After that hit Apply button to set the tradeout by time order 

After that, you will be able to see your tradeout by time order in the Order Window


How do I cancel tradeout by time order

To do that, simply left-click the arrow-pointed  TRADEOUT label:



Then click cancel in the confirmation window.


You want your Crude Oil positions be closed at 10 am. Go to your CL Order window and choose 10 am. First set hours (10), then click the upper minute sector on top and set minutes (00). Then click Apply to set the time. Make sure AM label is highlighted with green.



After that click Apply button again to confirm.


You will see a confirmation window and your tradeout by time order will be listed in the working orders.