How Can I Set my Own Risk Management System?

How can I benefit from the Risk Management System

Due to the  Risk Management  system you can set your own risk management parameters to automatically control risks. I.e. you can set your Daily Loss Limit (can be set for any traded Symbol individually). You can also control the number of losing trades for every instrument you trade. In addition, you can set a temporary account block if something goes wrong and apply an automatic protection for that. You can have your open positions be closed automatically if one of your risk parameters is triggered. 

Always use Stop orders.

Please familiarize yourself with the information below.


How does Risk Management System work?

When you set the desired risk parameters and hit Apply button, your Risk Management System is activated. It is a server-side system, so you always control your risks even if your Internet connection drops. If one of the risk parameters is broken, your account will be blocked in the trading platform for the current trading session.

You can use a password to remove the block, however, if you set the cool-off period, the block can be removed after this period expires. If you forget your password, you can only recover it via Volfix support.

How do I open the Risk Management window?

Go to Orders Window, right-click and choose  Account List. Choose your account and then go to Risk Management at the top right corner of your Account List window.


How do I set my Risk Management System?

Set Lock Password -  before setting other parameters, set your password. This password lets you unblock account if one of the risk parameters has been hit. This password can only be recovered with VolFix.Net support team, so be careful when you set it

Auto Close - 

Daily loss limit
- controls your total daily loss limit for the account. If you hit it, your account will be blocked until the end of the current trading session

Daily loss limit per ticker - let's say you are trading two symbols, CL and GC. Now let's say you set this parameter $1000. At the moment, you are having a loss of  $500 for CL and $500 for GC. Your trading won't be blocked until you will reach a $1000 loss for either CL or GC. 

Daily loss trades per ticker - max number of losing trades for any traded symbol. This works the same way as the previous parameter. Let's say you set 5 here and you trade CL and GC. Even if you reach 2 losing trades for CL and 4 for GC, your trading won't be blocked until you reach 5 losing trades for either of those symbols.

RM Lock Time, minutes - cool-off period in minutes when your account cannot be unblocked even with your password. After the cool-off period, you can use your password to unblock your account. 

Include Fees - . 


Additional features (mobile app and tradeout by time order)

You can set a certain time to flatten your positions with a  tradeout by time order. Get more information about that here.

You can also use a mobile app to control all your account positions. Here's more information about that.