Rollover, most actively traded futures contract

What is a Futures Rollover?

Rollover is a liquidity transfer from the current most traded contract to the next month's contract. It happens roundabout the expiration date.

Where can I find rollover dates?

We advise that you follow the volume of your product's contract month on the CME Group's website. Just click on your product and compare the Volume column.

Why should I trade the most actively traded futures contract?

To protect risk and avoid slippage, traders should trade the most active month. The most active month will be the product month with the most volume. This will start to shift to the new month starting on the date above. Follow the volume and you will be rolling into the most actively traded month.

What happens if I trade the wrong contract month?

We understand that mistakes may happen, especially when contract months are rolling over.
If you have started the trading day trading the wrong contract month make sure that you flatten that trade. You can then roll your contract to the front month (highest volume) and continue trading. Trades on a wrong contract may be cancelled at the Practice session and the Qualifying session. For the Funde session accounts, trades on the wrong contract are prohibited.