Allowed products and trading times

All positions must be closed prior to 3:10:00 PM Central Time (Chicago, CT). 

You can then restart trading at 5:00:00 PM CT.

All EUREX positions must be closed prior to 21:50:00 CET (Central European Time). 

An asterisk (*) indicates a product with an earlier close than 3:10:00 PM CT and/or a later open than 5:00:00 PM CT. If the product you are trading has an asterisk please refer to the CME site and follow the times listed there. Links are provided below.

All traders must only trade the “front” (most liquid/highest volume) contract month for all products. Overnight trading is permitted, although positions must be closed prior to a product’s electronic market close or 3:10 PM CT (whichever comes first).

CME Equity Futures

CME Foreign Exchange Futures

CME Agricultural Futures


CME CBOT Agricultural Futures

CME CBOT Equity Futures

CME CBOT Financial/Interest Rate Futures


EUREX Futures

* For instruments marked *, the opening and closing time of a trading session differs from the normal times, please follow the link of the instrument you are interested in to familiarize yourself with its opening times

** In the Funded Session account, an instrument marked (**) is available for trading if the maximum trailing drawdown has increased by 2/3 of its initial state, see the table below for more details:

The initial account balance of Funded Session account is $ 0. The initial maximum trailing drawdown is as follows: Mini: - $ 500, Small: - $ 1,500, Medium: - $ 2,000, Large: - $ 3,000, Max: - $ 4,500.