LMI Trader Recruitment Program

We are looking for traders to manage our investors' funds.

To get funded, you need to take part in our Traders Recruitment program. We want to make sure that our money is in good hands, so we would like you to demonstrate the best you can do!

We use VolFix for the recruitment Program and further funding. VolFix is a professional trading platform with all you need to analyse the markets. Also, with LMI Trade Report module you can be on top of your trading, seeing all account parameters at any time.

To take part in our Recruitment program, you must register for a Practice session. After that, you will get a practice account with a certain profit target to reach and risk parameters to adhere to.

Once you reach your Practice session profit target (taken you haven't broken any Rules), you get forward to the next stage, Qualifying Session. The rules of the Qualifying session are a little different from the Practice Session and exactly the same as in Funded Session. This stage is to help you show your risk and money management skills and get you further ready to the funded account.

At the Funded Session, you are trading our investors' real money. You can withdraw the profits you have earned at any time, using a SWIFT bank transfer or PayPal.

All the risks are ours, all the trading is yours! Trade well and we wish you the best of luck!