Consistency Rule

In order to successfully complete the Qualifying Pro Account Evaluation Programme, you need to follow the rules and achieve your profit target so that your best day profit percentage is less than 40% of the total profits in your account. In case your best day profit percentage is over 40%, you need to keep trading until your best day profit percentage is less than 40% of your total profits.

Calculation: Profit on best day / Total Profit = Best Day Profit Percentage from Total Account Profit

For your best day percentages to be below 40%, your best day should not be higher than:

Account Size

Profit Target

Profit on best day



Less than $1,200



Less than $2,400



Less than $3,600

Example calculation:

For a 50k account, the total profit target is $3,000. Let's say you meet your profit target, earning $3,000. Now consider some variations on how quickly you earned your current profit will vary % of your best trading day:

Total account profit: $3,000

Option 1: On your best day you made: $1,100

$1,100/$3,000 = 0.37. Your best day is now 37% of your total account earnings. If you have complied with all the account rules, you are transferred to the Funded Session Account.

Option 2: On your best day, you earned: $1,250

$1,250/$3,000 = 0.42, your best day percentage, 42%, exceeds the Consistency rule (less than 40%). 

In this case, you need to keep trading and earning profits in order to get a Funded Session Account. 

To figure out how much more profit you need to make in order to move to a Funded Session Account, you need to divide your best day amount by 40%:

$1,250/0.4 = $3,125 

Now subtract your account profit target, in this case it is $3,000 for a $50,000 account, and you will get that you need to earn another $125 to move to a Funded Session Account.