Traders' Contests: General Information

Liberty Market Investment invites you to take part in VolFix traders’ competitions. They are completely free for you. Improve your futures trading as you take part in one of those competitions.

All traders who take part will compete for free Practice Session accounts and our Traders’ Recruitment Program discounts. As you trade your competition account, you show us what you know about the markets and how well you can maximize profits.

To take part in the competition, you need to register. All information about the next competition is available through LMI social media.

After you register, you will be assigned a competition account, which will be blocked for trading before the competition begins.

You must adhere to the competition rules (vary from one competition to another). Please familiarize yourself with Practice Session and Qualifying Session rules before you start as this is how you win!

The trader who gets maximum profit at the end of the competition wins.

Good luck, trader!