Your Subscription to Practice and Qualifying Session

How does subscription work?

At the first stage of our Traders' Recruitment Program, you buy a pre-paid month of subscription to take part in the Practice Session. There is no automatic renewal, so for every month of the Practice Session you manually pre-pay with your credit card.

If 30 calendar days (15 days for the Mini accounts) of the Practice Session Subscription is not enough for you, you can get another month of subscription as many times as you like, until you reach your profit targets. Therefore, you control how much time you spend for the Practice Session, testing your trading system and getting ready for the next stage, Qualifying Session.

You will get free full access to Volfix.Net platform during your Practice and Qualifying sessions.

Can I choose the date I start my Practice Session?

Yes, check it here.

How can I update my account information?

Just send us an email to, indicating the information you would like to update.